What companies sponsor Cancer Research UK? 

All our corporate partners
  • Amazon Smile. Since November 2017, we’ve been one of the registered charities for AmazonSmile, the charity arm of Amazon.co.uk.
  • Amey.
  • ARC (Arena Racing Company)
  • Bellway Homes.
  • Buildbase.
  • Channel 4.
  • Charity Car.
  • Childbase Partnership.

Can I use Cancer Research logo? You can use our logo once you have registered for a pack. We have some recommendations on how to do this so that we can keep track of where our logo is used. Speak to your representative or find out more about fundraising materials.

What cancer charities are there? 

Useful links: cancer charities and cancer information
  • Anthony Nolan.
  • Cancer Research UK.
  • Childhood Cancer Parents Alliance.
  • CLIC Sargent.
  • Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.
  • Kids Cancer Charity (Formerly known as Christian Lewis Trust)
  • JTVcancersupport.com (formerly JimmyTeens)
  • Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

How do I donate to Race for Life? All you need to do is go to ‘Create post’ and select the ‘Support charity’ option from the drop-down menu. Search for ‘Cancer Research UK Race for Life’ and it will add a donate button to your post. Share your reasons for taking part in Race for Life in the post to encourage your friends and family to make a donation.

What companies sponsor Cancer Research UK? – Additional Questions

Do you get a medal for Race for Life?

7. Will I still receive a medal? Celebrate completing a Very 2020 Race for Life with your own 2020 medal! Each nickel plated medal features the iconic Race for Life 2020 branding with a high shine polished finish.

Is Race for Life for all cancers?

The money raises funds for cancer research in all 200 types of cancer. The Race for Life series of events is open to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds take part in the Race for Life, and with more than 150 Race for Life 5k events across the United Kingdom. The event was previously restricted to women only.

How long is a 10 K?

A 10K race, which is 6.2 miles, is ideal for experienced runners who are looking for more of a challenge. It’s the second most popular race after the half-marathon and requires a fitness level that balances strength, energy, and endurance.

Can dogs do Race for Life?

However, participants in Race for Life Pretty Muddy Events cannot take part with dogs.

How many steps is 5k?

How many steps is a 5k? A person of average height can expect to take around 6250 steps over a 5k distance (based on an estimated stride length of 2.1 to 2.5 feet). Once you’ve crossed the finish line of your first 5k you can start working towards increasing your steps and taking on longer distances such as 10k events.

How long is a race for life?

At just over 3 miles, it’s about the same length as a Sunday stroll in the countryside. Remember, our events are entirely non-competitive, you won’t be timed and most people who take part walk.

Is Race for Life chip timed?

Will the event be chip timed, how does the chip work, and how will I receive my results? Yes the event will be chip timed. For the full and half marathon event you will receive your chip already attached to the back of your running number – you do not need to do anything.

Why is Race for Life successful?

Rachel Carr, Cancer Research UK’s head of event marketing and sponsorship, said one of the reasons Race for Life is so successful is because it has continued to grow but remained true to its priniciples – that is that women of all shapes and sizes, ages and levels of fitness can take part.

How do I join a Race for Life group?

How to join a group
  1. Join the event you want.
  2. Click on ‘Join a group’
  3. Use the group page URL that your group leader sent you to search for your group.
  4. Select your group.
  5. Click ‘Join this group’

Is Race for Life for females only?

In 2019, for the first time, the Race for Life opened its doors to men to participate too, making it truly inclusive, and giving people the chance to come together with their family and friends, and join the movement to beat cancer.

What’s a 10K in miles?

How Many Miles Is a 10K Run? A 10K is 6.2 miles long.

How do I find my Just Giving page?

To log into your JustGiving account, go to www.justgiving.com/login (you might want to bookmark this, you’ll be using it a lot!).

How can I ask for donations online?

To effectively ask for online donations, check out these top six strategies:
  1. Tell a compelling story.
  2. Build an effective brand.
  3. Simplify the giving process.
  4. Personalize follow-up communications.
  5. Optimize for mobile devices.
  6. Develop a social media strategy.

How can I raise money for personal causes?

Often, the most effective method to raise funds quickly is to ask for help from the community. First, figure out a way to accept gifts, either at a bank, credit union, or a website like PayPal. Then, spread the word about the person’s or family’s need.

How do you receive money from JustGiving?

Funds are available to withdraw 14 days after launching your page. To withdraw what you’ve raised so far, all you need to do is head to the ‘Funds’ tab on your Page. It takes 4-6 working days for the funds to reach you after requesting a withdrawal.

How long does it take to receive money from JustGiving?

We’re not able to make any guarantees as to exactly when funds will be received, however it typically takes 4-6 working days for funds to reach your account once you’ve requested a withdrawal, or once your page has closed.

What percentage does JustGiving take?

We deduct the payment processing cost on each donation of 1.9% + 20p.