How long is the Cancer Research Run? At just over 3 miles, it’s about the same length as a Sunday stroll in the countryside. Remember, our events are entirely non-competitive, you won’t be timed and most people who take part walk.

What is the Muddy Run? A mud run is an obstacle race centered around mud themed hazards. They often include mud pits, mud crawls, mud slides, mud covered inflatables, balance beams and mud fights. A Mud run is a great fundraising activity for schools, churches and other non profits.

How do I host a mud run? 

How to Start Your Own Mud Run Fundraiser for Charity
  1. Select Qualified Staff for Your Mud Run. Choose an experienced team to organize and lead the mud run.
  2. Select the Right Venue.
  3. Make Sure There Is Enough Parking.
  4. Get Insurance for Your Mud Run.
  5. Always Keep Safety in Mind.
  6. Order Obstacles for Your Mud Run from i2k.

What is the purpose of Race for Life? Race for Life is a series of fundraising events, organised by charity Cancer Research UK. They involve running, jogging or walking a 5-kilometre, 10-kilometre or ‘Pretty Muddy’ course and raising sponsorship for doing so. The money raises funds for cancer research in all 200 types of cancer.

How long is the Cancer Research Run? – Additional Questions

Where does the money go for Race for Life?

Where do the funds raised go? All Race For Life sponsorship goes towards Cancer Research UK’s lifesaving work, funding laboratories, tests and treatments of all 200 types of cancer.

Do you get a medal for Race for Life?

7. Will I still receive a medal? Celebrate completing a Very 2020 Race for Life with your own 2020 medal! Each nickel plated medal features the iconic Race for Life 2020 branding with a high shine polished finish.

How do you run the best race of your life?

The 8 Keys To A Great Race
  1. Arrive early. Racing is meant to be enjoyable.
  2. Stick with what’s familiar. Everything about your race should be as controlled as possible.
  3. Focus your mind.
  4. Start slowly and carefully.
  5. Run an even pace.
  6. Consider a negative split.
  7. Accelerate late.
  8. Learn from poor performances as well as good ones.

What does it mean to run your own race?

Run Your Own Race — Focus on What You Can Control and You Will Win Every Time. “I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything.” — Michael Phelps.

What does race mean example?

Race refers to physical differences that groups and cultures consider socially significant. For example, people might identify their race as Aboriginal, African American or Black, Asian, European American or White, Native American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Māori, or some other race.

Who said run your own race?

2. Ivette Manners says her best friend used to tell her, time and time again, “Run your own race.” In a world full of perfectly curated lives displayed across various social media, the constant pressure to compare yourself to others can be overwhelming.