How do I find my Just Giving page? To log into your JustGiving account, go to (you might want to bookmark this, you’ll be using it a lot!).

What happens if I cancel a just giving page? If your page has already received donations but you still wish to cancel it, just so you know, cancelling your page means that any donations will be refunded to your donors, so you won’t receive any funds.

Is Cancer Research UK reliable? Cancer Research UK is seen as the country’s most innovative and trustworthy charity, according to a survey by the consultancy Incite. The company, which is part of the St Ives Group, a marketing and publishing company, carried out online interviews with 499 people about what drives their support of charities.

Can you cancel a just giving donation? Donations are automatically sent to charities on a weekly basis, so unfortunately, we’re unable to refund donations without the charity’s authorisation. Please get in touch with the charity you’ve donated to, and explain that you’d like a refund.

How do I find my Just Giving page? – Additional Questions

Can donors ask for their money back?

There are several reasons donors commonly ask for their gifts back. For example, a donor may simply have a change of heart. Or the donor may believe your charitable organization is misusing or “wasting” donated funds or that it’s no longer fulfilling its charitable mission.

Can I get my money back from a charity?

Under charity law, charities are not permitted to refund donations, other than in specific circumstances. The Charities Act 2011 can be found here. However, there may be an occasion when you need to speak to one of our Supporter Care Team to discuss your donation.

How do I cancel a fundraiser on JustGiving?

Managing your Fundraising Page for a charity / How do I cancel my Fundraising Page?
  1. Log into your account on the top right corner, and under your name, click, “Your Fundraising”
  2. Click ‘Edit this page’ beneath the page you’d like to cancel.

Why would I get a refund from JustGiving?

In the majority of cases, the Page Owner has requested that we close the page and refund all donors as they no longer require the funds they have raised. However, due to financial and legal regulations surrounding donations to Crowdfunding pages, we are sometimes required to refund donations from Crowdfunding pages.

How do I edit my donation on JustGiving?

To edit your donation, you can head here and search for your donation using your email address and the donation reference (excluding “D”). Please be advised that this could take a few minutes to update on the fundraising page. Alternatively, you could contact us directly to get your message changed or removed.

How do you delete a JustGiving comment?

If there’s a comment from a donor that you’d rather didn’t show on your page, we can remove this for you. Email us with your request, including the date of the donation and the message you would like removed.

Can you call JustGiving?

We’re a digital company, so unfortunately we do not have a phoneline, however, you should be able to find the answer to most of your queries in one of our online help areas. If you still need assistance, you can reach us via live chat. We’re available Monday-Friday and happy to help!

Why can’t I log into JustGiving?

When logging in, enter your email address and click on ‘Forgot your password? ‘, we’ll send you an email with a prompt to reset it. Not getting our emails? Check your junk or spam folders, as well as adding to your safe sender list, this should take care of the problem.

How do I find an anonymous donation on JustGiving?

If the donation was made to a Campaign Page you’ll find the Campaign name in the column titled Appeal Name. If the donor has chosen to share their details with you, you’ll be able to see their details in the relevant columns. If these columns are blank or say Anonymous, the donor has chosen to remain anonymous.

Can you find out who anonymous is on GoFundMe?

Making a donation anonymous means that your name will not be visible to the public on the campaign page. For security reasons, you cannot make an entirely anonymous donation: The organizer and beneficiary will always be able to see your name.

Is JustGiving com safe?

The funds in each charity’s account are safe and protected. At JustGiving we maintain trust bank accounts for all projects and causes, which means that all donations to a charity or project are paid into a trust account, held on behalf of the charity, before being passed on.

Can you use a fake name on GoFundMe?

Create a GoFundMe account

Please note, the name you enter when creating your account is the name that will be displayed publicly on the fundraiser page. For our customers who no longer use their legal name, whether for safety or personal reasons, you can enter your chosen name here.

Can you go to jail for lying on GoFundMe?

A New Jersey man who conspired with his then-girlfriend to cook up a feel-good story about a helpful homeless man and then used the lie to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations online has been sentenced to more than two years in federal prison.

What is not allowed on GoFundMe?

any other activity that GoFundMe may deem, in its sole discretion, to be in support of individuals and/or entities associated with alleged financial crimes including but not limited to corruption, bribery, tax evasion, fraud, and activities of a similar nature; or.

What happens if you use GoFundMe money for something else?

Donations of any amount are covered for one full year after you donate. Whether you donate to a fundraiser for a person or a nonprofit, you’re protected. Your donation is protected, wherever you donate from.

How do you transfer money from GoFundMe to bank account?

GoFundMe gets your funds to you quickly because we know that many fundraising needs are time-sensitive. You can set up withdrawals and add your bank account as soon as you accept the campaign organizer’s invitation to make you a beneficiary. Bank transfers then take 2-5 business days to arrive.

Can I use GoFundMe to buy a car?

GoFundMe is a personal crowdfunding platform that you can use to finance a car through donations.

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